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The innovation of
Bracket Tile

BRACKET TILE has been specifically designed to overcome the time consuming and tedious jobs of fixing various brackets to tile hung elevations.

The BRACKET TILE is made of durable plastic and fixed to the elevation like a normal tile. It has three nib settings to allow you to adjust to the correct gauge for the tile you are using. It has a unique ribbed back behind the sand textured fixing face, which enables you to screw directly into it without the need for pre-drilling. Any standard fixings only require 25mm screws.

The fixing face has been designed so that it sits plumb once in position and makes the fitting of brackets a lot easier as they are at 90 degrees to the downpipes. The tile face has been set at a standard four & half inch gauge. As well as fitting down pipe brackets it can be used to fix waste pipes, security lights, security sensors and much more.

A Bracket Tile for every job

Heather bracket tile hung with Marley dark red.
Brown bracket tile hung with Marley Eternity farmhouse brown.
Security sensor on a brown bracket tile hung with Sandtoft bay brown tiles
Heather bracket tile hung with Marley dark red.

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